Hey there, good lookin’

Why hello to you too, blog  ;D

Today went well. I finally got around to taking some before pictures & they made me a little sad. Not just because it was hard to take a picture of my butt without feeling & looking stupid but because I don’t really like any of the pictures. The only reason I might consider some of them okay is because they weren’t as blurry as the other ones. These pictures will most likely be kept private until I feel like I’m seeing some real progress. Sorry guys, no undies photo today! Maybe some other time.

Got pretty inspired the other day, was looking at a website with before & afters & finally found a girl that looked like she had my body type. Stalked her blog a little & realized that she was doing one of the same workouts that I had previously recorded in here. Saw some difference with her so hey, why not me too? Hence the butt pictures. Even though my butt is probably the last thing I should be worrying about when it comes to reshaping I went along with it anyways. [ IF INTERESTED: Brazilian Butt workout ] Did a few stability ball exercises while watching tv, mostly focused on Abs & Inner thighs.

As for my food today well.. I had a bowl of Mole ( no, not the animal! ) & some Mexican style rice. Decided I wanted something else with it & chose a slice of jalapeno bread & a cup of water. ( was tempted to snag some alcohol but I didn’t ) For a snack I went to go make a peanut butter jelly sandwich but realized after I had already put the PB on the bread that there was no Jelly.. so peanut butter sandwich it was! Dinner made me super full. Two 2oz chicken breasts, two small red potatoes & a decent amount of canned french green beans. I probably could of done without the second potato though.. but I was hungry waiting for my chicken to cook in the oven.

But yes, that’s my day so far. Might do some exercises & watch some more tv before I head to bed for the night.

Hope everyone had a good day.


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